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Columbus, OH
Largest CTA Program
Hosts ASAE 2019 and PCMA 2023

Competitive Advantage

The Visitor Experience:
The Next Competitive Battleground

Millions of dollars are spent marketing destinations. But often very little time or money is focused on THE EXPERIENCE visitors will have once they get there
In today's consumer-driven society where visitors text, tweet and post everything, NOT focusing on the experience is a BIG mistake.

"CTAs are an important part of the tourism product."

Community Alignment = Competitive Advantage

“Our CTA program has grown into the largest in the U.S. and Bermuda — tangible evidence of our community-wide commitment to the visitor experience . Each of our 2,000 CTAs helps us elevate Columbus as a meeting, convention and leisure destination. A camaraderie and pride has developed among our CTAs that shines through in the service they provide to visitors.”

Brian Ross, CTA
President & CEO
Experience Columbus



Marketing CTA to Meeting & Event Professionals

Visit Anaheim continually reminds meeting and event professionals that they are a CTA destination.
Having their destination constantly “ramped up” to meet and service groups has often given
them a competitive advantage over other destinations.


"The concept of front-line staff takes a on a whole new definition in Anaheim.

Here, we’re ALL front-line staff and we’re here to take care of your people."

Destination Branding: Consistent Messaging Throughout Your Community

The CTA program was designed to be a natural fit to complement a destination’s
branding objectives. Powerful marketing at the front-line.



Through social media and networking events,
local administrators push frequent messages
to their CTAs and employers.


Front-line ambassadors work together to
enhance the visitor experience, leading to
important word-of-mouth marketing.


CTA helps broaden the marketing reach of the
destination well beyond what the DMO
marketing budget affords.




The Lake County, CA CTA program
is administered totally by volunteers.
That’s CTA Pride!


To start a CTA program in your destination: